30-Day Challenge

What is the Spinal Network 30-Day Challenge?

Our 30-day challenge is a virtual event that will run for the entire month of June. It will offer ways by which a person who is registered can also help fundraise, and who doesn't like a photo contest, whether it be you wearing a costume of you participating with your pet.

We're all tired of being cooped up for the last year, so now it's time to spread out a bit and have some fun. Take a little time each day or so and head outside for a short hike, our challenge runs through the month of June so the miles will rack up quick. Not into the distance thing? Join the fitness challenge where you decide what activities to include...still not hooked? How about a book reading challenge where you see how many books you can read in 30 days. Maybe it's a volunteer hour challenge where you track how many hours you log as a volunteer in 30 days. If you still aren't hooked, let me know what kind of challenge you'd like to participate in, we'll make it happen. So now it's time to hit that button and get yourself registered. Oh and by the way, you'll have some cool swag coming your way. Join with us to make this fundraiser a success, monies raised will allow Spinal Network to launch our community outreach program providing a summer filled with very cool activities such as BBQ's, potlucks, hikes, bowling, and possibly indoor skydiving.

What events can I participate in?

Distance events will include a 5K, 10K, or full marathon: run, roll, walk, swim, bike...or your own personal mode of mobility.
Fitness Challenge: you design your personal challenge; tension bands, meditation, yoga...whatever works best for you.
Book Reading Challenge: just like it says, read to your heart's content.
Volunteer Hour Challenge: volunteer anywhere you would like and log your hours.

How do I register and how much does it cost?

You can register by clicking on the link below. The cost to register is $38, if you were to refer 5 or more people and they sign up, you will receive a refund of $8.

What will the money raised be used for?

The money raised from this fundraiser will be used to launch out community outreach program. This program will offer live events and activities such as hiking on accessible trails and paths, bowling, BBQ's, a potluck, indoor skydiving, bowling and many others. The goal is to get people from the paralysis community together in a social setting where friendships can be made, where answers to important questions on how to live life after a spinal cord injury or diagnosis can be answered, and where having fun with a group of good people will be the norm.

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