Abilities Expo – Los Angeles – Booth #1012

Abilities Expo – Los Angeles – Booth #1012

Resources Abound When You Get Connected with Your SCI Community

By Lisa Wells, Cure Medical

Connecting with friends who understand everything that comes with a traumatic spinal cord injury or a life-changing medical condition can be challenging sometimes. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to two organizations—Triumph Foundation and Spinal Network—who unite friends with SCI across Southern California!

Explore Spinal Network’s Resources and Community Programs

Spinal Network is dedicated to providing pathways for success by connecting individuals that have a spinal cord injury with employment and/or educational resources necessary to achieve their individual goals. Their programs typically take place in the Riverside area and in San Diego.

Spinal Network’s Meet & Greet events are a great way to catch up with friends, meet new friends or build upon your support network. Those that are newly injured/diagnosed have an opportunity to hang out with the more seasoned individual asking questions and listening as members all share a story or two.

Find your closest Spinal Network Meet & Greet here.

Come to the Los Angeles Abilities Expo to get involved with the Spinal Network (booth #1012) chapter! Then stop by the Cure Medical booth #447 to find out why Cure Catheters® are so popular with their members.

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