Giving Campaign 2021

Our Giving Campaign 2021

Why should I donate to Spinal Network?

Jim: "I've met a lot of incredible people thru Spinal Network and I know I have a huge community of support and resources available to me under one organization.
Spinal Network is my go-to organization to find resources and education on spinal cord injury related issues. 
Spinal Network also helped me realize my gift for helping others and I use it as a platform for advocacy and peer mentoring with my many years of knowledge and experience to support my peers in the SCI community."

What does Spinal Network do that is so special?

Warren: "Spinal Network has given me a sense of self-worth, hope, and reaching new heights that I did not think possible a year ago. I am so blessed to be able to pass on my story and experience with others that need the same. Thank you Spinal Network."

Nadine: "I am so excited about Spinal Network, looking forward to using my God given talent of service in service to others. I especially want to mentor someone new to the Spinal injury world. I have met some wonderful people who are awesome to work with as well."

Would my donation even make a difference?

Rick: I remember talking with a chapter member one time who said that they could only donate $10 and didn't think it would really do anything. Feeling a bit bold that day, I asked if they could afford $10 each month in which the answer was yes. I said well then you just donated $120 which will help fund our peer mentor program which is so very important.

To give you an idea of what your donation will do:

  • $10 per month will help fund our peer mentor and peer support program. Nobody wants to go through hard times alone, we help connect them back with their peers
  • $25 per month will help fund our employment preparedness series of workshops which help those living with paralysis to work their plan of becoming gainfully employed once again, a game changer
  • $50 per month will help provide an educational scholarship for a person living with paralysis to realize their dream of a new career and a better quality of life
  • $100 per month will help a high level quadriplegic purchase assistive technology which will allow them to operate their computer and smart home from their wheelchair controls or smartphone

So, whichever level you choose, you know that you will make a pretty powerful impact on someone's quality of life.

Please consider donating to support our efforts as our goal is to expand the number of valuable programs and services to those living with paralysis.

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