International Day of Persons with Disabilities

International Day of Persons with Disabilities


International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPWD) stands by its conviction that a person is not inherently ‘disabled’…disability is NOT a feature of a person.  We say that people have health impairments: some of us need wheelchairs to mobilise; some of us need seeing-eye dogs; some of us need assistive technology – just like some of us need glasses to read; or medication to manage pain; or an inhaler to manage asthma. 

All people have different health impairments at some time in their lives.  The difference is that most of the time your health impairment doesn’t stop you from functioning, being included or participating in your community.

IDPWD exists to make sure that environmental and social BARRIERS are identified, and to help everyone to work together to overcome them.  We will never eradicate health impairments…but by overcoming barriers, then we eradicate disablement.

Spinal Network, in conjunction with AbleThrive and Sharp Health Care, will hold our second annual Meet Up on December 3rd at Sharp Rehab located at 2999 Health Center Drive in San Diego.

Please come out and join us, we will have food and will share stories and adventures from his life journey, your not going to want to miss this.

I want to thank all of our hard working friends at AbleThrive for organizing ThriveWorldwide 2019, a huge success as you will see, please take a couple of minutes to watch this video.

ThriveWorldwide #2018

Please, if you have any questions just reach out,

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