United Spinal is building a grassroots movement across the country through our District Mobilization program. Our goal is to register enough advocates in all 435 Congressional districts to ensure that whenever United Spinal needs to reach out to Congress, every single Representative and Senator knows that we have broad support in the communities they represent.

If you register as an advocate with United Spinal, we aren’t looking for a big time commitment.  Here’s what we’re looking for from our registered advocates:

  1.  When United Spinal sends out action alert emails, take a minute to click on the “Take Action” link, make sure your name, address, and email address are entered correctly, and click the “Send Message” button.
  2.  If you feel comfortable, share the link to our action alert with family, friends, or your networks on social media.  You are not required to do this, but it helps to amplify our message.
  3.  On occasion, United Spinal might reach out to you if we have a meeting scheduled with your Representative or Senator.  It is entirely up to you if you want to participate.

That’s it!  Of course, we encourage all of our advocates to get involved as much as they are able.

So if you can, please register as a United Spinal advocate today, join the more than 600 advocates all across the country who have already signed up, and help us build an inclusive world together.

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