Our Mission

Spinal Network's mission is to promote community integration, participation, and independence for individuals with a disability requiring the use of a wheelchair for their mobility, by providing the tools and community support to be successful in their work and personal lives. Our goal is to maximize quality of life, raise self-esteem and improve physical and mental health.


Our Vision

Spinal Network creates pathways to success through events, assistive technology loans, peer mentoring and support, and other impactful programs that promote community integration, participation, and independence. Our sponsors and partners, all of whom share this vision, collaborate with Spinal Network by providing resources and supporting its programs to achieve its goals.


Our Story

Spinal Network is committed to providing programs, resources, and services to the disability community in San Diego and W. Riverside County that provide opportunity for greater independence and quality of life. We collaborate with several agencies in our area of service who share our vision.

Our commitment to promoting community integration and participation, leads to a greater sense of independence for those individuals living with paralysis. Inclusion within our communities provides the opportunity for socialization and development of a peer network.

Spinal Network's true beginning was a restart the beginning of 2018. With a new name, new goals and a new focus on community integration and full inclusion, we began the uphill climb. A few years later, and though we are still climbing that hill, we are well up the slope. Our Community Integration, Participation, and Independence program has provided our community with many opportunities to enjoy the benefits of inclusion in their communities. They've established new networks and enjoyed participating in events with their peers and within their own neighborhoods. So yes, we are still climbing that hill, but the slope is a bit less steep.

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