Our Mission, Vision and Story

Our Mission

Spinal Network's mission is to support the employment and education of individuals with spinal cord injuries/diagnoses by providing the tools and community support to be successful in their work and personal lives.


Our Vision

Spinal Network is dedicated to providing pathways for success by connecting individuals that have a spinal cord injury/diagnosis with employment and/or educational resources necessary to achieve their individual goals.


Our Story

Spinal Network is committed to providing the necessary resources and services to the disability community in the San Diego/Riverside county area, whose goal is to become gainfully employed. We collaborate with several agencies in our area of service who share our vision.

Employment, regardless of whether a person has a disability or not, is a game changer. However, the opportunities for employment for an individual with a disability are far less than that of their able-bodied counterpart. The unemployment rate for persons with a disability was 8.0 percent in 2018, more than twice the rate of those with no disability, 3.7 percent. (*Unemployed persons are those who did not have a job, were available for work, and were actively looking for a job).

When you become gainfully employed, you move off of the system and into the role of taxpayer, paying back into the same system that helped you during your period of transition. When you return to work your self-image is raised, your self-confidence is raised, your independence is raised.

Nobody wants to go through the trauma of a spinal cord injury or spinal disease, but if it does happen it's nice to know that there are organizations such as Spinal Network to help guide you along the way.

Studies confirm that hiring a person with a disability is a smart move, so let's work together to make it happen.

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