Slingshot Golf

Invented by Josh Basile, a C4 quadriplegic, this adaptation is designed to work for everyone. In 2011, after watching a round of golf as a spectator with his dad, Josh dreamt of a pendulum putting mechanism that could rotate back and forth on a framed structure that could hit a ball. That morning he created the first working prototype and then soon after started coming up with ideas for hitting the long ball. The most accurate device that he tested was a hand-held slingshot. This is how slingshot golf was born.

Many rounds later Josh added a protractor to the shaft of the putter in order to make it easier to calibrate the distance and power of a given shot. With the two main devices in place, Josh then made detailed rules in order to make the game competitive. Click here to learn more about Slingshot Golf Rules.

Challenged Sailors San Diego

The US Census Bureau estimated that nearly one in five people in our country have a disability. Many of these people have had to learn to live with restrictions on their mobility and independence. Challenged Sailors San Diego’s adaptive sailing program is designed to minimize these restrictions for our sailors. Learning the skills to maneuver a boat throughout the waters of San Diego Bay provides a sense of confidence, autonomy, and accomplishment that can have a significant positive effect on many aspects of the sailors’ lives.

The volunteers and participants of Challenged Sailors San Diego have experienced the transformative nature of adaptive sailing personally. Some are very experienced sailors, some are beginners but all have seen a tremendous improvement in their lives through adaptive sailing.

Capt. Jack Sparrow - in Pirates of the Caribbean - said, “a sailboat is not just a mast or sails or a rudder; a sailboat is freedom”. For those with a disability that significantly limits their mobility on land, that statement is a reality.


The Barnes Center has an active Wheelchair Program for adults and juniors of all levels.

The Barnes Center offers a tennis program with friendly instructors who are happy to work with beginners, intermediate or advanced players. Tennis wheelchairs are available for loan if needed

Adaptive Surfing

Founded by world champion quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer, Life Rolls On is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with various disabilities. Believing that adaptive surfing and skating could inspire infinite possibilities beyond any disability. Life Rolls On began as a splash into the unknown on September 11, 2001 and now touches the lives of hundreds of thousands. Join Our Journey.

Adaptive Sports and Recreation Association (ASRA)

Providing sports and recreation programs for children and adults with physical disabilities to ensure opportunities equal to their able-bodied peers.

We believe that every athlete should have the opportunity to play the sports they love.

  • Leadership
  • Life Skills
  • Self Confidence
  • Social Skills
  • New Experiences
  • Friendship

Stoke for Life

The main goal for the Stoke for Life Foundation is to bring awareness to the rehabilitative benefits of adaptive water sports through clinics and education. Stoke for life will host paddle clinics for adaptive paddle boarding and adaptive surfing; these will be free open clinics to further education of adaptive water sports, beach access for the disabled, and the advancements in adaptive water sports equipment.

Adaptive Self Defense

Jing Shen Kuoshu's Adaptive Self Defense Programs are effective and fun for the disabled population that needs to stay in shape and protect themselves from criminal attacks.

Our JSK Instructors can cater the training and get astonishing results, as we have seen in our past and current students. They can do striking, grappling, stick and knife drills and functional fitness exercises while enhancing their physical abilities.

Wheelchair Lacrosse

WLUSA is bringing the sport to a new community of athletes who thrive on teamwork and competition. Wheelchair lacrosse is an extremely diverse and inclusive game played by men and women of all ages and abilities offering the complete package—the speed of basketball, the skill of hockey, and the toughness of rugby. We strive to honor the rich history and tradition of the sport while showing that lacrosse is truly a game for all.

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